Conquering baby fever :: an update

In June 2009 I wrote a how to guide on baby fever. Back then I was newly married and in the depths of raging baby fever. RAGING. I thought I would help my fellow baby-lovers out and wrote a four-step process to conquer the fever.

My conclusion was that really, the only tried and true way of being cured was having a baby. Two babies and almost three-years later I’m here to give you my final analysis.

It worked.  Having a baby cured me of my baby fever immediately. Nine months of sickness and weight gain, hydronephrosis, an emergency c-section, pain, pain and more pain was enough for me to make my husband promise me we’d never do it again. Obviously we did two-years later, but that does not mean my baby fever had returned. My daughter was not made because I had a strong urge for another newborn.

I know many people that loved that newborn stage – that see a new baby in the hospital and swoon. I do not. I see endless nights of feeling so tired you cry and the agony of baby blues.

Do I remember the sweet smell of a freshly bathed babe? Yes. Do I remember the fulfilling joy of nursing my hungry child? Yes. But no way would I want to do it again. Sorry.

So if you have baby fever and are looking for help, I’m sorry. It looks like you’re just going to have to go out there, find yourself a husband and make a baby. Then let me know how you feel in a year. –>

Liz is a just a mom trying to keep it real about how little she sleeps, how often she gets puked on and how much she loves them. You can find her here every day writing about real-mom moments.


  1. says

    I’m on my 4th pregnancy now. I’ve had hyperemesis all 4 times, and I finally reached the point where I don’t think I can do the 9 months of extreme morning sickness again. 4 was my magic number, so I’m hoping that baby fever disappears forever after this one is born!

  2. Samantha says

    Well, I’m late. But I have a baby who will be seven months old next week. And, don’t ask me why or how, I have baby fever. Clearly, my son is the wrong type of distraction I need right now, so hopefully I find another one to work for just a few months 😉

  3. Amber says

    I have an almost 2 year old baby girl who I love more than ANYTHING! Yet I have baby fever BAAAAADDD! Even at her worst I still find myself craving to be pregnant again and craving to have another little baby<3 :( HEEEELLPPPP.

    • says

      LOL! Do you have a lot of people around you that are pregnant? I find that makes it so much worse!

      I tell you what though, even though having a baby did cure my baby fever, having a second one killed it. Maybe you need another? I kid, I kid. :)

  4. Crystal says

    I just read about your baby fever and the update and found it funny and true. However, I am not the lucky one that gets rid of baby fever so easily. I have had three children all about two years apart because that’s about how often my fever comes. My youngest is 8 now and I have been able to fight off the fever with birth control so I dont give into a rash decision but here I sit, in it again. Its pretty strong to. I think I scared a lady the other day at the grocery store when I wanted to talk to her adorable little 3 yr old cutie patootie. Everything sets me off. Heck, on your initial posting that had the picture of baby feet I thought I was gonna fall over with cuteness overload. I know that financially it is not time but oh I wish I had a boy! :)

  5. Megan says

    My daughter is a year and almost 2 months old… I. Have. It. Baaaddd. I was so angry because my husband and I were just talking about how we were going to make a small list of things we wanted to accomplish before we started trying. How much to save and then things we wanted to accomplish while trying/being pregnant. A week after we decided the latest we would try, I got laid off from my job and now everything is at a stand still. It has been almost a month and I still don’t have a job. Any advice on what to do? So far 1 of my friends is pregnant and 3 just had babies. OMG the fever is high… I don’t know what to do!

  6. Dyan says

    I am 18 and my boyfriend and I are in a very good place financially. All of my friends are pregnant, coworkers and high school acquaintances. I have wanted a baby since my niece was born, FIVE YEARS AGO. It started getting stronger about two years ago my senior year in high school, and has grown. It is at the point where I have stopped taking my birth control, tracking my ovulation and having sex on the day of in order to try and crying every month when Aunt Flo comes. It’s been 4 months. I want to go to college and I want my boyfriend to also but my desire for a child is so strong. I’ve prayed for God to take this desire away or just let me get pregnant but neither is happening. What should I do!?

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