I don’t like you, I don’t want to live with you

Yes, those are words straight from my sons mouth.  Aimed at me.  For what?  I can’t quite remember.  Something silly like… I wanted to turn right and you turned left.  Toddlers.

You hear those mommy stories of the first time they tell you they hate you, the first time they say I don’t love you anymore – but those conversations do nothing in the name of preparation.  It still stings.  Bad.

That day in the car he said he didn’t want to live with me, I asked him where he would like to live.  He said, “Uncle Rich’s.”  So I pulled over, put the car in reverse and turned around.  (Thank God he didn’t call my bluff because no way was I actually driving to Uncle Rich’s house.)

He asked me if I would stay there with him – no.  Would I come back later to get him – no.  And he immediately panicked yelling, “I love you!  I love you!  I love you!  I want to live with you!”  And of course, he never had a choice. 

I was not at all prepared for this to start so early.  I mean, middle school?  High school?  Of course!  But my three-year old baby?  No way.  He mostly has such a sweet disposition with me and we have a very snuggly, lovey relationship.  So for him to say he doesn’t like me, was odd. 

I know that he’s just trying to express himself and with a small toddler vocabulary, telling me he doesn’t like me is the way he was saying he was upset.  But seriously, that burns.

If this is life with a child that’s only been on the planet three years, what in God’s name am I getting into when he’s fourteen??  I don’t even want to imagine that.  I should start preparing future punishments now.  I’m going to need them.


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    Thank you for sharing! I remember saying similar things to my mom, thank goodness she didn’t believe me. I’m sure my kids will say the same to me one day. You make a good point that he was trying to express himself, and you handled it perfectly!

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