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  1. My favorite teach would have to be my Sociology teacher she always made the extra effort to help me.

  2. My 11th grade history teacher and my college History professor were both very inspiring and got me to love US history.

  3. my high school math teacher because she was patient with me and took the time to try an approach that really helped me understand

  4. I went to a Catholic school when I was growing up, and my 4th grade teacher Sister Catherine was my favorite teacher because she was so positive and helped me with my school work and taught me so much! She was such an inspiration to me!

  5. My high school math teacher influenced me. She helped me understand difficult math concepts and was there as a tutor if I needed extra help.

  6. My favorite teacher was my college Marketing professor. He helped guide me into a career in advertising, when I really didn’t know what I wanted to do!

  7. The teacher that had the most personal impact on my life was Mrs. Sparks. I had health problems in middle school and she was one of the first people to notice. She even visited me in the hospital! She truly cared about me as a person.

  8. I am grateful to my choir teacher in high school. Choir was my life and he was a great inspiration and mentor for me.

  9. My 4th grade teacher and middle school history teachers both changed my life forever. They’re actually still in my life as friends!

    (Also, as a former teacher, I loved even just the small moments hearing a student mention when they remembered and loved something. So special)

  10. My high school science teacher was my most memorable teacher. She had this ability to make connections and excited students to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of science.
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  11. My favorite teacher was my high school English teacher she was amazing and helped me so much.

  12. My language teacher in high school was very nice to me. She always was a good listening ear and supportive to her students.

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  13. My 8th grade teacher was so supportive. I was incredibly shy but she picked me for a lead part in a play and coached me to speak louder and with more animation. She also got the principal to speak with me and convince me to do a speech in front of the entire school. I definitely wouldn’t have volunteered to do these things on my own.

  14. My favorite teacher was Mr. Kelly. He was a English teacher and he made class so much fun. Because of him I have such a passion for reading.
    Thanks so much.

  15. it was my 6th grade teacher. so kinds and loving to everyone. I learned to share my kindness and smiles with everyone I came across.
    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  16. My sixth grade teacher was the best ever. He made learning so much fun we couldn’t wait to get to school.

  17. My favorite teacher is probably my high school English teacher who I had for 9th and then 11th grade. You could tell she really cared about the material and her students and put in the extra effort.

  18. I’ll never forget my 5th grade teacher. I was very shy and she helped me build my confidence.

  19. The teacher that influence me the most was my high school biology teacher. I remember I couldn’t afford a dress to wear to senior prom so she took it upon herself to find me a dress to wear and this was only one of the many things she did that went above and beyond as a teacher.

  20. My most memorable teacher was my third grade teacher Mrs. Leffler who was beyond patient with me when it came to multiplication and long division and stayed after school many times to guide me through problem sets.

  21. My 11th grade Geometry teacher really influenced me as he helped me to understand geometry and I did well in his class thanks to his teaching style.

  22. I’ve had so many great teachers over the years 🙂 My high school theater teacher was one of the best. I learned a lot from him AND he was super nice. Often giving me lunch money or even buying groceries for mine and other students families 🙂

  23. My high school English teacher published a poem of mine in the local newspaper. I was so proud to see my words in print. It inspired me to read and write more than ever.

  24. When I was in high school the assistant principal had a great influence on me, he helped mold me into the person I am today. I was one of his helpers during a period that I had no class and would “work” for him. It was delivering papers, making signs and typing documents. I still chat with him on occasion.

  25. My 2nd grade teacher helped me to be a confident student, which paved a great foundation for me academically! Thanks for the chance to win!

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  26. My music teacher influenced me because he was the only one who could convince me that I had some talent!
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  27. My high school business teacher taught me things I still use to this day in my employment.

  28. My math teacher in 10th grade helped me understand how fun and interesting math could be. I went on to get a math scholarship to college.
    Thanks for the contest.

  29. My 11th grade Trigonometry teacher. She went the extra mile to help me thru this tough class. She knew I was having a hard time and that I was dating my hubby which he was then my boyfriend and ask him to tutor me. He was a math pro.

  30. My fourth grade teacher Mrs Elmore gave me a copy of The Trumpet of the Swan to read over Christmas break. It was my first “adult-ish” book that was my very own, and it cemented my love of reading.

  31. My Math High School teacher who taught me Number Sense was a big influence in my life. Now I am a Number Sense coach and my daughters are following my steps. Thanks for the chance to win

  32. If you have had a special teacher in your life that has influenced you…. My English teacher Mrs. Stanton. She had a great innovative method that kept all the students engaged

  33. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Engle who taught French. She was multi-lingual and always added information for Latin, Spanish and German. She truly gave me a love of languages.

  34. My Spanish teacher. She made learning another language such a pleasure and inspired me to become a teacher myself. Her patience and dedication to making sure that we understood the material is something that I hope I’m able to do with my students.

  35. #SweepstakesEntry- comment

    I had a favorite fun foreign language (spanish) teacher in middle school. She would play music and cartoons in spanish which really helped me learn better

  36. One of my fav teachers was my senior year Algebra teacher, Mrs. Dillard. She and I got on so well. She chose me to be her helper for my free period and I graded papers for her and stuff. It was what got me to major in Elementary Ed in college, specializing in math. Even though I eventually changed my major to English, I still count her as very influential.

  37. My 9th grade teacher for social studies influenced me because she gave me a love of history and english (back then, they combined economics with geography for social studies and hated both subjects).

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  38. My earth science teacher in high school was that special teacher in my life that really influenced me because he showed me that education was so important, and that caring is also very important.

  39. my 8th grade english teacher meant a lot to me because she was a great motivator to try hard and she had a genuine interest in all her students.

  40. My favorite teacher was my computer science teacher. He really made me feel like learning was fun and actually made me want to come to class and seek out new information. He encouraged us to push ourselves and taught us so many life lessons without even meaning to.