Hi, I'm Liz. I love photography, reading, singing and watching television that is surely lowering my IQ. I have a rambunctions little boy and a beautiful baby girl. I am always covered in puke. And snot.

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DIY Twine Wrapped Jar

This DIY project is so easy and so inexpensive!  It costs me under $5 total for the entire thing and I think the results are so cute. I grabbed a $1 glass vase from the Target Dollar Spot a few weeks ago hoping to come up with something crafty to do with it.  I thought about spray paint but the last time I did that it didn't turn out so well. … [Read More...]

Well deserved high-fives

Paityn has used the potty a few times before, but never for me.  Just a handful of times at her Aunts house in her miniature hand-me down toilet that used to be Brady's.  But last night she grabbed my hand, mumbled something through her binky and led me up the stairs. "Potty?" I asked. "Yeah!" she said with nod. I held her hand as she … [Read More...]

Easter Bunny Stamp Craft

The Easter bunny is coming this weekend - have you heard?  Brady and I painted a few bunnies of our own today for a little festive craft. Make An Easter Bunny with a Cookie Cutter Aren't those adorable?  Here is what you need: Paint Cookie Cutter Googley Eyes Paper Marker All you have to do is dip the backside of a cookie … [Read More...]

The Best Mother’s Day Gift Guides (all in one place!)

Mother's day is coming up!  Isn't is so difficult to come up with a gift idea?  Sure, you can always give flowers or a photo in a frame but maybe you're looking to really rock this gift thing this year.  And maybe you're looking for a gift guide to help you out. If that's the case, you're in luck.  I'm sharing all the best Mother's day gift … [Read More...]

Simple Moments :: 4/13

Our simple moment this week was on a walk we took on Thursday.  I took an unexpected day off and got to spend the whole day pretending I was a stay-at-home mom again.  I needed that day and my slow time with them.  A whole day with nowhere to be. We took a very leisurely walk and stopped several times to take pictures, look around, talk about … [Read More...]