Printable Valentines Cards for Boys

Printable Valentines Cards for Boys

I’ve got some super cute printable Valentines cards for your little boys today!  I thought it would be fun to make a Valentine that just screamed BOY.  No cupids and confetti here!  Brady loved these and I’m sure your little guy will, too. Love Is A Battlefield It’s true you might have to play this […]

7 Manly Mens Valentines Day Gifts

Manly Mens Valentines Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day sneaks up on me every single year.  It’s just too close to Christmas, I guess.  I think women tend to struggle with mens Valentines Day gifts because it’s labeled as a romantic holiday… and it’s hard to find something romantic for a man.  Flowers and chocolate won’t work for him. Even though our […]

Is Cloth Diapering Right for Me?

Cloth Diapering

Are you looking to cut costs, help the environment or take better care of your baby’s health? If so, cloth diapering may be for you! While cloth diapering may not be mainstream anymore, many more moms are choosing cloth these days than you probably realize–and there are good reasons for it, too! Personally, I did not cloth […]

Learn Your Name Puzzle

Learn Your Name Puzzle

I have been struggling a bit to teach Brady how to spell his name. He can recite to you, “B-R-A-D-Y” but has had trouble learning to write it and also identifying the letters. I have a hard time with a lot of “learn to spell your name” activities because I feel like they are for […]

10 Tips For A More Peaceful Bedtime

Tips for a More Peaceful Bedtime

One of the most hectic times for a parent is bedtime.  For me, my daughter is shocked every night when I put her in pajamas and she puts up a good fight.  Lately, she’s gotten into the habit of calling me back to her room over and over again, stalling bedtime for a good 45 […]

Should You Give Your Children an Allowance?

Should You Give Your Children an Allowance?

The topic of whether or not you should give your children an allowance can be somewhat of a hot button issue, with parents standing firmly on both sides of the issue. Money is always a heated topic, and that tension only seems to ramp up when you are talking about whether or not you should […]

American Idol Pretend Play


Does your family watch American Idol?  The 14th season just premiered on Wednesday, Jan 7 and as usual, it did not disappoint!  I think it is such a fun show to watch as a family. You can all cheer on your favorite together or even make it a friendly competition if you aren’t rooting for the […]