10 Fun Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast gets totally overlooked on Thanksgiving, doesn’t it?  We’re so focused on our huge dinner that we forget all about the most important meal of the day.  Poor breakfast.  So mistreated.

I for one love breakfast and don’t want to skip it on November 27th.  In fact, it can even be fun and festive!  Here are some awesome Thanksgiving breakfast ideas I found I thought I would share.

10 Fun Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas

10 Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas

1.  Take a bag of donut holes and add pretzel sticks, nutella and sprinkles to make them look like acorns.  So adorable!  From Made from Pinterest.

2.  Turn your pancakes into a turkey with this idea from Betty Crocker.  Use cinnamon apples for the turkey feathers.

3.  These homemade pumpkin donuts from Food by Teva sound sooooo delicious.  Plus, they’re gluten free.

4.  Take your normal piece of peanut butter toast and add a few embellishments to make him a turkey!  Kids will love this one.  From Little Nummies.

5.  Add bacon, edible eyeballs and a candy corn nose to your canned cinnamon rolls to make them look like a turkey!  From Pillsbury.

6.  If you’re not too worried about overloading on sweets, try this delicious turkey donut idea from Dimple Prints.

7.  Another awesome turkey pancake recipe uses eggs and fruit as the feathers to keep a balanced breakfast.  From Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.

8.  Disguise your everyday Pop-Tarts into turkey legs!  This is such a cute idea!

9.  Make a toasted peanut butter sandwich with fruit feathers for a healthy breakfast idea from Working Moms Edible Art.

10.  This fruit turkey is healthy, beautiful and would go great with a side of eggs!  From Skinny Twinkie.

The 5 Types of Moms You See at Preschool Drop-Off

Preschool drop-off is unlike regular school drop-off.  We don’t get to pull up and let them out at the curb or send them on a bus.  For our preschool, we have to park our car, walk them into the building, scan them in, walk them to their class, sign them in and leave.  Same goes for pick up.

It’s been nine short months since my first preschool drop-off and in doing this routine three days a week I’ve gotten to stitch together bits and pieces of the other mom’s lives.  Although I can only barely scratch the surface of who they are individually, I can quickly group them into my list of mom categories.


The 5 Types of Moms You See at Preschool Drop-Off

1.  Perfectly Perfect SAHM.  It’s 8:15am and not only is her little girl dressed in an adorable, unwrinkled outfit complete with combed hair and a bow, she is as well.  She is dressed in real clothes, her hair has clearly been blow dried and she is wearing makeup.  And a smile.  And do you know what else?  She’s pushing a double stroller with twins in it.

2.  Frantic SAHM.  She walks into school in pajamas holding the hand of a little boy with a bad case of bed head.  He threw a fit when she tried to brush his hair that morning and then threw another one on the walk from the car to the front door.  She doesn’t understand how Perfectly Perfect SAHM does it and secretly hates her.

3.  Working Mom.  She’s got herself pulled together just enough so that she is compliant with the business casual standards at the office.  And no one ever said you have to brush your hair. Her little one ate breakfast in the car and she forgot to put extra pants in his backpack.  She’s got a big mug of coffee and a long to-do list.

4. Sporty Mom.  She is invariably on her way to the gym.  Each time you see her she is in a Champion tank top, sneakers and those weird spandex capri pant things.  You wonder if she really goes to the gym at all or just wears the clothes so people think she does.

5. Dad.  Yes, dads take care of preschool drop-off, too.  It’s a ratio of probably 15:1 but that’s OK.  He is surprisingly punctual and appears care-free.  I never see a dad dealing with a fit-thrower.  Coincidence?

I joke, but here is the awesome thing about people and especially about motherhood…  Each of these broad characterizations I have made have nothing to do with their ability and their love for their children.  One mom may bake while another one fishes and both of them are their child’s perfect mother.

All “types” of parents are awesome parents.  Even Sporty Mom.

Cute Rudolph Craft for Kids

I’m loving this rudolph craft!  Is it too early for Christmas crafting?  I hope not, because I’m all in.

This super cute activity is great for older kids to do on their own or for the little ones with supervision and a little extra help.  Even if the craft we’re doing is a little advanced for my kids, I still like doing it because I like to at least keep crafting in the atmosphere.

Rudolph Craft for kids

To make this rudolph craft, here’s what you need:

  • An empty baby food jar
  • Brown tempera paint
  • Googley eyes
  • Something red for the nose (we used a little foam circle but a red pom pom would work great, too)
  • A brown pipe cleaner
  • Hot glue and gun (any other glue will work as well but I like hot glue because it’s quick and I don’t have to hold things in place until it dries)
  • Red string or yarn (optional)

Rudolph Craft for kids

And now, onto the directions:

  1. Take the label off of your baby food jar and clean off the residue.
  2. Poor a bit of brown tempera paint into the jar and hold it upside down to get the paint to cover the whole thing. (We also added in a little glitter!)
  3. Let the jar sit upside down on a towel so the excess comes out.
  4. Then, use the same brown paint to paint the lid.
  5. Glue on your antlers, eyeballs and nose.  (the jar stays in the upside down position)
  6. Put the lid back on and wrap a red string or piece of yarn around the bottom as a scar.  (optional)


I know it’s only early November but I love Christmas crafts.  Check back for all my other fun ideas coming up (including a couple amazing giveaways!)  You can also follow along on Pinterest or Facebook.


The Perfect Kids Tablet (and one for you!)

It seems like the minute Brady was old enough to crawl he was reaching for my tablet. Ok so maybe it wasn’t quite that early, but the child has been an electronics enthusiast from very early on. I bet yours is, too.

The thing is, I have struggled to find a tablet that he loves to play and learn with, but is also safe for him to use. We have purchased several devices over the years and the ones that are labeled for kids seem to be far less advanced. On the other hand, the ones that are for an older age group easily take them right into the land of the Internet where they are free to roam. Even the best parental controls I put in place didn’t stop him from seeing inappropriate things. But then I found the Kurio Xtreme Tablet!

The Perfect Kids' Tablet (and one for you!)  

If you allow your child on the Internet, the device features a secure and browser-independent ‘Kurio Genius’ Internet filtering system. That means it has security levels covering over 500 million websites and in-app web filtering. Your kids are not going anywhere they shouldn’t be and that puts me at such ease.

The Perfect Kids Tablet

First and foremost, I approve every single app or game that is added to his profile. He has his profile that holds all of his fun stuff that he easily gets to. Then, there is a parental section that requires my password to enter. It also lets parents set play time limits and restrict certain websites. Since the Kurio Xtreme works with Google Play we can still get all of his favorite apps he had on other tablets like his favorite cartoon shows. But again, the only person that can download those are me.


That’s enough about me and how much I love the Kurio Xtreme; let’s talk about Brady. He adores it. In all honesty, before I got this tablet I was concerned it wouldn’t have enough things on it that he liked, but I was so wrong. It comes with 90 kid-friendly games already there and ready to play! And they’re fun games – games he actually really enjoys playing.


Plus, if you get worried about your kids sitting around playing games and not being active you will love this part. The Kurio Xtreme features body motion gaming. I saw Brady one day sitting on his butt, frantically kicking his legs up and down for several minutes. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was swimming. They can race, ski, play soccer and yes, swim.

Now that I’ve got you all excited about how amazing this is, I’m not going to leave you hanging – I’m going to give somebody one! To enter for a chance to win a Kurio Xtreme Tablet, leave me a comment telling me what feature of a kids tablet is the most important to you. That’s it!

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 The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 11/12/2014 – 12/8/2014.

Be sure to visit the Kurio’s brand page on BlogHer.com where you can read other bloggers’ posts!


10 Super Cool Advent Calendars for Kids

One of my favorite holiday activities are advent calendars.  I love counting down to Christmas day!  I can remember being a kid and how exciting it was to see our advent calendar get full.

I’ve been looking around for some fun advent calendars for kids to really get Brady and Paityn excited to use it.  Plus, since they’re so young this helps them visually to understand just how far away we are from Christmas.   They didn’t have anything like this when I was a kid and I think it’s so cool there is a Lego advent calendar!



10 Super Cool Advent Calendars for Kids

(affiliate links included throughout – see my disclosure for more information – thanks for your support) 

LEGO City – Perfect for the kids who adore LEGOs, this is an entire Christmas LEGO city!  Build your own adventure on the countdown to Christmas.

Eric Carle’s Dream Snow Pop-Up Advent – Based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the gorgeous work of Eric Carle.  Each day, open a new window to find a new decoration and add it to the display.

Personalized Elf On The Shelf – This one is great because it is personalized with your child’s name on it!  You can choose whatever you want to include in the pockets as a surprise each day.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Advent Calendar – This colorful advent calendar has magnetic pieces kids can choose from each day and a read-aloud ritual printed on the back.  Leave the bright shiny star for the Christmas day!

Frozen Loopy Loom – Behind each day you will find a special loom gift to total 25 Frozen loom accessories.

Littlest Pet Shop – Each day reveals a new pet shop surprise!  Find a new one every day all the way until Christmas.

K’NEX Angry Birds – Fun Angry Bird surprises hide behind each door like things to build and figurines.

Barbie Advent – Get a new accessory for barbie every day leading up to Christmas.

The Elf On The Shelf Advent Calendar – Get a new message from Santa every single day for the whole month of December.

PLAYMOBIL Santa’s Workshop – This one contains twenty-four surprise items for each day of Advent to form a gift that will keep on giving long after the holidays have passed.

5 Things Every Mom Can Stop Feeling Guilty About Right Now

If there is one thing that could make my life as a mother easier (besides maybe a daily nap) it would be letting go of guilt. Oh, the guilt - bruised knees, four letter words, too much sugar, not enough books… we can go on and on.

It makes total sense, really, because when you love someone so fiercely you simply can’t help yourself. But, of all the things to worry yourself over, there are a few things that you should never, ever allow yourself to feel guilty about.


5 Things Every Mom Can Stop Feeling Guilty About Right Now

1. The way you fed your baby. Whether you stood in the kitchen at two in the morning and carefully measured and mixed your baby a bottle of formula or offered them your sore, cracked breast multiple times a day – you fed your baby. Either way you provided your baby the nourishment they needed to grow and develop. Good work, Mama.

2. How you birthed your baby. Some of us get no say in the type of birth we will have. Sometimes it is fast and furious with no time for our wants to be heard and some of us get the birth we dreamed of where everything goes just how we planned. Whatever your birth story looks like, you brought this baby here. Look at what you’ve created. What a victor you are!

3. Your messy house. All of our homes are messy – especially the ones filled with children. If there are crayon scribbles on your table, blocks strewn about, and puzzle pieces covering your floor, it means they were playing, learning and growing. How wonderful you provided them with that opportunity.

4. Working. Or not working. Whether we are in an office or staying at home we are all working diligently for the things that fit our family best. No matter if your position was decided by choice or necessity, you are caring for your children in the best way you can and that is nothing short of perfection.

5. Taking time for you. Sometimes it’s as if we stopped being a person when we gave birth. We become a mother and feel that definition excludes anything that made us who we were prior. No more time for reading things other than children’s books. No more vacations unless it is for the family. No more time for ourselves for the next 18 years. A good mother is a happy mother and if your children are being well cared for while you take time to care for yourself, where is there harm? Your wellness directly affects their wellness.

Maybe we can teach our children how to love themselves by being an example of self-love in our own lives. Allow the weight of the guilt lift and breathe for a moment. Maybe if we live our lives this way, our daughters may feel more confident in their mothering and not be ridden with this guilt that we’re burdened with.

Maybe this way we can break the cycle.