Vanilla is In, Boring is Out

I look forward to my Saturday mornings almost every hour of the work week.  It is my time I spend snuggling up with my still half asleep babies before their energy kicks in, while I drink my coffee and the world waits.  I have nowhere to be and nothing to do but just be present with them.  In these moments is where I find my peace.

My Vanilla Moment

It appears so simple, so mundane, so vanilla – but it makes my heart soar.  My most favorite part of my entire week is this very hour.

I like my life the way I like my coffee, really.  Not a whole lot of embellishment or extravagances on the exterior but rich and vibrant and incredibly fulfilling.

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10 Awesome Things You Can’t Do While You’re Pregnant

When I got pregnant with my first kiddo I knew all the obvious things to stay away from.  We’re all aware we can’t drink, smoke, do illegal drugs or change the cat box and that’s totally cool.  But as the months went on I started to learn more and more things I wasn’t “allowed” to do and the list got pretty long.

It seemed like every week there was something new I wanted to do and was instantly hit with, “you can’t do that while you’re pregnant” from a friend or the internet.  I remember telling my mom I should write a book solely about the things you can’t do while you’re baking a baby – the list was THAT long.

The funny thing is, like with most things you are told you can’t do, you don’t really want to do it, you just don’t like being told no.  I got pregnant and suddenly wanted to ride bumper cars and eat sushi.  Well, I never wrote that book, but here is what would have graced a few of the pages.

10 Awesome Things You Can't Do While You're Pregnant
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10 Mason Jar Crafts for Kids

Who isn’t in love with mason jars right now?  I don’t think anyone could have dreamed how popular they would become!

I really love mason jar crafts for kids because I think you can turn them into the cutest creations.  Last year Brady and I made a mason jar pumpkin and it was by far our most favorite Halloween decoration.  It totally brought fall into our house.

10 Mason Jar Crafts for Kids
These adorable mason jar crafts are just right for the kids.  I can’t wait to get started making a few more with Brady and I think the keepsake jar below is so cute!

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The Perfect Lazy Girl Face Mask + a free one

When it comes to beauty routines I’m lazy, I admit it.  All the time and energy it takes to wash and pat and apply and moisturize and yada yada is just too much for me.  I wipe the make-up off (on a good day) and that’s the best I can do.  At the end of the day I’m tired and I’m busy wrangling children into pajamas.

Tangent: When do kids come to terms with the fact that pajamas are just a part of life?  At what age to they give up the fight?

That leaves no time for a lengthy beauty regimen. Montagne Jeunesse (the people behind all your favorite face masks) recently sent me a face mask that actually instructs you to not leave your bed.  Sign me up, please!  You guys…this is the perfect lazy girl face mask.

Montagne Jeunesse Renew You Sleep Spa Mask

I tried the Renew You Fruit Enzyme Sleep Mask that works while you sleep.  All you do is place one of the 100% Natural Bamboo Masks on your face when you lay down in your bed or resting in your comfy spot.  Leave it on your face for 10 minutes and then take it off.  Rub the excess into your skin and go to sleep.  No washing or rinsing or even getting up.  The natural ingredients work while you sleep!

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