Baby fever: How to conquer it

I am becoming very close to becoming an expert on baby fever lately. You might want to know, if I want a baby so badly then why don’t I have one? There isn’t a multi-list, complicated reason why my husband and I have not procreated yet. There is a simple, one-bullet answer which is that my husband says he’s “not ready”. Yes, it is all his fault that my longing for children is not fulfilled. Everyone point the finger at him and give him dirty looks. Maybe guilt will work?

Conquer that baby fever!

I wanted to share with you that may be cursed with baby fever, a list of things that you should avoid.

How To Get Rid of Baby Fever

1. First thing is first, get off Etsy. Get off of Etsy, Babies-R-Us, Target Baby, Faith Baby, Marshmallow Kisses and every other website devoted to taunting you with the cuteness that is baby stuff. It will only make things worse, much worse.

how to conquer baby fever

2. Stop reading mommy blogs. What is worse than looking at adorable baby accessories you can buy, is reading about all the women that actually have the stuff. You get to read the details of their lives, how much they love their babies, how funny they are, how they make the silliest face when they have gas, how they are SO GLAD THEY AREN’T YOU.

You also definitely do NOT want to take a peak at mommy blogger Rebecca Woolf’s daughter, Fable. No, definitely do not do that.

3. Cancel your cable. If you skim through the TV channels you are bound to find a show that will put you smack dab in the middle of someone else’s pregnancy or delivery. Now, instead of looking at pictures or reading about other people’s lives you get to transport your body directly into their living room. Then when the episode is over, they go on with their lives and you go back to yours. Only they get to keep the baby.

how to conquer baby fever

4. Stay away from other people’s babies. This may sound confusing because most people will tell you to be around babies as much as possible in an effort for you to witness a fit or a dirty diaper or something equally annoying. They think those things will deter us. Ha! If you truly have The Fever, these things actually intensify your desire.

If that sentence didn’t make sense to you then you don’t have baby fever. If you related to that sentence then I’m sorry, you are very ill. Just like me.

how to conquer baby fever

There is really only one way to get rid of baby fever: a big dose of pregnancy.  So ladies, throw away your birth control, poke holes in your husbands* condoms and have a lot. of. sex. Lots. Until you get a positive test stay away from all of the above listed triggers.  Good luck!

*Notice I said husband.  Which means this advice is for women in monogamous relationships, not high school girls that think pink bows are cute.

Make sure to read my update – baby fever three years later.


  1. says

    You are right – all those things that are supposed to deter me from having baby fever just make it worse. Seeing my poor 10 month old nephew sick with a tummy flu and throwing up all over my house just makes me want my own baby to stay up through the night with and cradle and comfort. Seeing my 3/yo niece talk back to her mother just makes me want my own daughter to scold. Good luck with the fever. I hope you find your *cure* soon.

  2. says

    Hahaha this post is funny! And SO true!! I have found the best birth control is going to the grocery store – crying, bratty kids EVERYWHERE!

  3. says

    Haha I have a 6 month old and I’ve been having baby fever since, oh, he was like 2 months old! I am so ready to be pregnant again… maybe thats pregnancy fever? Lol. I just cant escape it!

  4. says

    I have had baby fever since I was old enough to know how to make a baby. I have three kids, one being a baby still, and I have baby fever now. I am worried that the baby fever won’t escape me and I will end up having babies forever. I am sorry you have such bad baby fever, I wish I could tell your hubby that you will never feel “ready”. Just do it, do it alot and get rid of the baby fever. At least until you have the baby and want another one and go through it all over again.
    Sorry for the long comment.

  5. says

    Oh thanks for the post! I have been having baby fever since some time now. Especially since all the women around started to have kids in unison :).And I have wondered what to do about it?!


  6. says

    You are so right about the triggers. I just saw the cutest baby socks on Pioneer Woman’s blog and tried to convince my husband that we needed a baby so that I could buy them. Ugh! Why are men immune to the fever?!

  7. says

    the number one way is this: ask your friends who recently had babies about the aftermath of birth (clogged milk ducts, the first bowel movement, stitches). I think that has cooled my fever for at least another 3 months!

    • angel says

      I will ask women and see if it makes my baby fever calm down. Idk what to do… Baby fever is the getting stronger and stronger every day. Im 25 and engaged, the crazy thing is he has baby fever a little to. this baby fever is like baby, baby, the most precious beautiful creation ever. How could i not want one? Marriage, careers and then baby is the route were trying to take. Thank you all for sharing. I dont feel so alone and crazy with this feeling. Sorry for the book. Lol

  8. says

    hahahaa!! Ok girl you and me… we’ve gotta chat! This post sums up my entire BLOG!!

    I’ve been trying to conquer my baby fever for ummm… about a year! Good luck girl, good luck! haha.

    I’ve gotta follow this adorably blog, I found you through SITS and this is too cute!

  9. says

    My fiance and I have been talking about marriage and kids since we started dating. We both knew it was right from the beginning, but we are waiting for marriage and until I graduate from vet school for kids. It’s hard when we both want a bundle of joy so bad! Just wanted to share that not all men are immune. My man wants one just as bad as I do. :)

  10. says

    I know the feeling too well.. Im 22 and me and my fiance bought a house two years ago. I have an amazing job with advancements all the time, he has a great job as well. I have been buying neutral baby clothes for a year (he knows and helps pick things out as well.) He keeps telling me hes not ready. Everyone tells me were too young…but the way I see it there are people who have children younger and with less. I feel more than ready. Am I wrong for feeling this way should I get help am i crazy?

  11. brittany says

    I am dying for another child. I’ve been with my boyfriend on and off for six years. I dated someone inbetween on of our break ups and ended up getting pregnant. I’m dying for snother child but knowing they will have different dads sort of discourages me. I love my daughter so much but don’t want to feel like my kids or me will be looked down on. Most girls my age to have children with many dofferent men and I’m very responsible. I feel like two will be my limit but I’d die for another with my boyfriend especially to have one of eavh but don’t wsnt my current daughtet to feel like a rhird will..

  12. Meaghen says

    I totally feel this way! I have a 4 year old girl and have been with my bf for over a year, I dream about babies let alone think about then during the day lol I wish I could stop thinking about them but cant! If anyone can get rid of baby fever, with out just getting prego please let me know! anyone that comes up with the cure will be rich!

  13. Ash says

    I’m married we have a 2 year old. We aren’t finacly ready for another one but is anyone? Im am so deeply stuck in the feeling so bad I feel like there is a part of me missing an emtyness inside me. Is this the only answer? Is it right to do that to him? I loved your blog. It was helpfull.

  14. Kinita says

    Women and girls of all ages get baby fever, that’s ageist! The thing that reduces my baby fever is thinking of what plans I have for the future. Travel, further education, career, money and time. I think to myself, I want the best future possible for my child – and that won’t happen if I can’t dedicate my time and money without stress. I’m eighteen and at least half of my friends are investing in buying houses, getting engaged, having babies (they’re 18 – 19). My sisters are having more children as well.
    So I just keep thinking, if it happens, it happens – but I would much rather be a little more educated and have a variety of experiences first.

  15. Kathy says

    Hey – I just got married last week and I can’t believe how much baby fever has set in – it is crazy, it is persistent, a bloody itch I can’t scratch. My hubby wanted to wait at first but now he wants the same as me – a baby. So we had lots of unprotected sex over the last week. I am not good at waiting. I want to know now whether I am pregnant or not, I do not want to do this waiting again and again over the next year. Some couples seem to get pregnant straight away and others seem to take a long time; Others find out that they can’t get pregnant (at least naturally). I am terrified that I am infertile or that he is infertile (even though he has two kids from previous marriage). My craziness knows no bounds. I want a mini human in my life so badly! Does anyone have any tips to combat waiting stress?

  16. Cynthia says

    Wow…this is exactly what I have been going through. I’ve been married 3 years, have had baby fever for the past year, and it feels like its getting worse. I feel somewhat depressed. I mean the kind of depress where I have told myself to keep busy doing things I love to keep my mind off babies. But even if I keep myself busy during the day, my night thoughts are still rolling.
    Last night I had such a vivid dream about being pregnant, feeling the baby in my stomach, contractions, my water broke, and BAM, a baby boy in my arms. I woke up crying, wishing it was true. My husband is not feeling this baby fever because he needs to finish his degree. I understand he wants to be accomplished and ready to provide for our family, but does it really matter to have a kid while he’s in school vs waiting? I use to push for waiting until we were done with our degrees, but I’ve known others who had kids in college, and it all worked out for them.
    My fever really kicked in from my job. I travel about my county, doing energy assessments for low income residents. So I totally agree with some of the earlier post…people with less who still make it with babies.
    I am really going to take this advise and keep away from babies as much as possible. The first thing I am doing is removing friends on my Facebook who post images of their babies…that is what gets me the most.
    Thanks again for writing this blog!!!

  17. Upset Adult Whose Not Married says

    I’m not married, but I’ve had a boyfriend for 4 years and I’m 22 and hes 24. I have baby fever, I work with kids ages 5-10. The comment “*Notice I said husband. Which means this advice is for women in monogamous relationships, not high school girls that think pink bows are cute. ” You don’t HAVE to be married to have a kid. Sometimes woman want a kid and their not married. You should include all women to make it fair. I bet you more people would read your stuff.

    • says

      Hi Upset Adult,

      My specific wording that I assume you read since you quoted it, says specifically, “this advice is for women in monogamous relationships”. I didn’t say married. When I envision the women I’m speaking to in this post, I picture them as young married women like I was at the time; hence the term husband. I wasn’t dogging anyone for having children out of wedlock in any way. I was simply distinguishing between a serious couple considering children and a young girl who wants to get pregnant.

  18. Ainnir says

    You hit the nail on the head. I have three and feel scandalous wanting more. Not much support out there for that. So many people act like I’m supposed to be happy to shed the diaper bag. We took the sterilization route and I’ve regretted it big time.

  19. Lindsay says

    I don’t think it’s best to tell women to poke holes in the condoms because that seems like a trap honestly as much as I want another baby I would feel a world of guilt if I actually poked holes in the condom and got pregnant knowing my hubby doesn’t want another baby.

  20. says

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